Normal, High TBN and High Molecular Weight Petroleum Sulphonates

Ganesh Benzoplast Limited (GBL)
manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of
Full range of
Petroleum Sulfonates

Leveraging on the state of the art manufacturing facilities. Ganesh Benzoplast limited able to manufacture high quality petroleum Sulphoantes at very competitive price to lubricant marketers and manufacturers. GBL is well known manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Sodium Petroleum Sulphonates, Calcium Petroleum Sulphonates, Barium Petroleum Sulphonates as well as Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonates in India

GBL's lubricant additives and petroleum sulfonates have batch to batch consistency because of vast experience and expertise in manufacturing specialty chemicals that is why we supply high base number petroleum sulfonates and higher molecular weight petroleum sulfonates to our customers.

Our petroleum sulphonates are available in various molecular weights and Base numbers (TBN) to suit diverse requirements of lubricant manufacturing and oil industries.

Sodium Petroleum Sulphonates

The Best quality Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate. Sodium Sulphonates are available with various molecular weights

Calcium Petroleum Sulphonates

High TBN and normal Calcium petroelum Sulphonates for blending excellent engine oils,fuel oils and other lubricants

Barium Petroleum Sulphonates

GBL manufacture outstanding quality of Barium Petroleum Sulphonates specially suitable for blending lubricating oils in European countries.

Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonates

Magensium Petroleum Sulphonate of GBL is excellent additive forformulation of detergent and dispersant for engine oil and fueloil formulations.

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