GBL's The right lubricant additives to blend drive-line fluids and oils with maximum protection under demanding conditions.

Automotive gear oil additives

Driveline systems today perform at higher levels than ever before. GBL's technological advancement in Gear oil additives meet the latest performance requirements for extended drain, fuel economy and temperature stability. Our Driveline range includes a full family of automotive gear oil additives.

Axle Oil

GBL's technological advancement in drive-line additives cover vast range of additive packages and components for passenger cars to commercial vehicles.

construction and Mining Fluids

GBL's additives provide optimal protection where construction equipment need to perform under severe conditions.

TraNsmission FluiDS

GBL's additives are excellent for automatic and manual transmission Fluids specially lubricant oils which are meant for heavy duty applications.


Our additives are tailored to meet the latest requirements of agricultural lubricants.

For any specific inquiries about drive-line additives for drive-line lubricants and oils, please email to: