GBL’s manufacturer of afteraarket performance chemicals in the state of the art manufacturing facility in India for lubricants and fuel oils. Viscosity Modifiers, AntiOxidants, Detergent, Extreme Pressure Additives (EPA), Anti-wear additives, Dispersant, Petroleum Sulphonates and other performance chemicals and additives for blending the best quality lubricants, engine oils and fuel oils.

Performance Chemicals for
Quality Automotive Oils & Industrial Lubricants
With Competitive Advantages

Extreme Pressure Additives

GL 1315 – Extreme Pressure Additives (EPA). Sulphurised Additives for extreme pressure operating conditions!



GL 1940 – Various grades of Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA)

Anti Oxidant - ZDDP

Excellent quality of anti-oxidant based on ZDDP

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Blend your lubricants and oils with magnesium based detergent additives manufactured by GBL

Viscosity Modifiers

Excellent viscosity modifiers areĀ  manufactured by GBL

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TBN Boasters

GBL manufactures the Best Quality of TBN boasters for blending your lubricants

GBL's Aftermarket Performance Chemicals provide competitive edge to additive marketers through best treat rates and costs while formulating winning additive solutions.

Corrosion Inhibitors

antioxidants,ZDDP, GBL,manufacturer-of-ZDDP-antioxidants

Pour Point Depressant

Anti-foaming Agent

Petroleum Sulphonates

Innovative aftermarket performance chemicals and additive chemistry bringing proven value to additive formulators and marketers.

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